Show your love – Stay at home

Jewish Israeli LGBTQIs ask you to Boycott Tel-Aviv Pride in support of the BDS



Dear fabulous sisters (and brothers, and bristers),

As LGBTQI Jews, who are living in Israel, we ask you to please show your love by NOT arriving to Tel-Aviv pride parade, and also not supporting it in any way, as it is an obvious Pinkwashing attempt, and its makeup is terrible!

Indeed, like many others, we are excited to the point of orgasm(!) to see that this year's pride is dedicated to Trans* rights. It is a great development and we are cheering with all our glitter for it. But we are also very worried.

We are worried because Israel is using our worthy causes and our sparkling hard-to-get achievements (like Trans* rights, LGBTQI rights, animal rights and feminism) – as weapons to inflict blame upon Palestinians and as means to present Israel as an “enlightened occupation”, “the only democracy in the middle east” and other such ridiculous titles. This tactic is aimed at justifying both 1948 and 1967 occupations and their horrible continued atrocities, and earned the name “Pinkwashing”.

The recent attack on Gaza, killing thousands, is a recurring horror, and will continue to occur under right-wing or “left-wing” Israeli governments, for as long as the inherent racism of the state of Israel is not ended. And the attacks are not limited to the 1967 occupied lands either, inside the 1948 borders Palestinians are also killed, arrested, their houses destroyed and are far from being equal citizens. This is the reality that the BDS movement seeks to change, so join in!

Boycotting Israel is one of the most effective things a person or a group outside the country can do to help end this racist attack on Palestinians, their lives, their homes and their rights. BDS against Israel is specifically requested by Palestinians as a practical solidarity action with their struggle, and we assure you the feeling in doing it is better than what can be achieved through a glory hole!

So darlings, we ask you to please boycott Israel, and show it by not arriving in Tel-Aviv this year, and not supporting the Tel-Aviv pride parade in any way. Share your firm, hard commitment to the struggle with other groups and persons: prepare a drag show conveying this message, express it by dance, graffiti, leaflets, free kisses and hugs, bike rides, tattoos on your ass or other fabulous means of mass media.

Thank you,
Your bristers, sisters and brothers in Isra-hell

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